Refund and return policy

Every person who purchases medicines through our website are advised to go through our returns and refund policy a few times. This will give them a better understanding about the policies that we have put in place on our site. This will also help keep from confusion and harassment for both the user as well as us later.

You can read the following sections:

Confirmation of your purchase

After you’ve completed your order which is prior to the payment page or procedure the order is processed, we’ll send a message to confirm the order details which include all the specifications of the medications and the prices.

After this you must complete the order and pay payments online. When your order has been successfully processed, you will receive an acknowledgement confirmation at our side with the amount of your order as well as the time that you have been given for delivery.

If we are unable your order or make an order that is not complete because of stock being sold from our inventory, it will be stated in the acknowledgement bill that we issue at our end.

Confirming your shipping dispatch

After your order has been placed when the payment process has been completed, you can monitor the order via our website. Then, we’ll send you an email with a confirmation when we’re about to deliver your item.

It can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours from the time you have placed the final order via our website, and also after payment has been processed.

We will mail you a bill of shipment or invoice with details of the amount due, the shipping information and the method to monitor the shipment during the process of shipping. The entire process will be explained in a sequential manner.

If you’re having difficulties understanding it, you can dial our helpline number and confirm your understanding.

The majority of the time, we will deliver your parcel at your door or at your office address. After your purchase has been delivered, don’t change your shipping address, as it could lead to the delivery of undeliverable packages.

Be aware of the customs

Remedypills offers its products not just within the boundaries of India as well as in other countries too. If you’ve ordered as a non-Indian citizen, you’ll need to have more time. Since your order when it arrives at the airport, or port will be likely to be subject to an inspection at the customs office and this can cause additional delays.

We are not liable for delays that have resulted from the customs department because these delays are out of our control. Typically, when the customs inspection is completed, the package is delivered to the local courier office the point where local dispatch commences.

Keep in mind that the customs inspection could take anything from a few days up to several weeks, so have in mind that you have additional time to prepare to prepare for this.

The time is now to receive the package

In general, for local deliveries and in the territorial zones our packages are delivered within a couple of days. However, there may be delays caused by unexpected situations, such as delays in customs processing, political disturbances or natural disasters or turmoil, as well as lockdowns and riots within the state.

typically, we don’t need more than 15 or 20 working days for the the order to our website.

However, keep in mind that there’s likely to be an immigration process which could result in delays. It is the responsibility of the consumer to keep track of their packages and deliveries and to contact us for further information if the package is not yet delivered within 15 to 20 days.

Reshipping lost orders

We aren’t usually faced with these kinds of situations, but we can’t anticipate what will occur the next day. We usually reship orders or reimburse our customers if the package goes missing by us during the time of transit.

We are responsible for the total loss on behalf of the customer, excluding the cost of customs duties and taxes. In the event that customers haven’t received their package in the 21st day the maximum for international and local orders the customer must contact us at our customer service number.

In most cases, we’ll return the item to the buyer or deliver the product again for no cost this time. However, such requests must be submitted via our helpline and the customer care executives within 8 weeks after the date of final order’s placement.

We will not refund or reship your package in the event that you come to us with a complaint that you’ve not received your package within 8 weeks.

Policy on refunds and returns

In any case, if the shipment received by the customer turns out to have a damaged seal or damaged seal, it must be reported by the buyer no later than 7 days from receipt of the package.

If you cancel your refund or return request within 7 days of receiving the order, we will make arrangements for a replacement shipment and collection of the damaged item after checking all of the items.

Orders for refunds and returns are not eligible for return or exchange. will be considered after 7 days from the day of receipt of the order.

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