Suhagra Tablets

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Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Cipla Limited


4 Tablets in Strip & 10 Tablets in a strip

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    Suhagra Tablets

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    Suhagra 100 Mg

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    Suhagra 50 Mg

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    Suhagra Force 50 Mg

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    What is Suhagra Tablet? 

    Suhagra Tablet is made for treating erectile dysfunction. Sexual issues like erectile dysfunction are not uncommon in the present era. The Suhagra Tablet has benefited many men. The dosage of the medicine depends on the degree of impotency. The tablet saved many relations as it ended the ED problem in around half an hour. You should take the medicine only if it has been prescribed to avert the risk of serious side effects. 

    General Information Suhagra Tablet

    Sildenafil Element-containing tablets are popular as Viagra. However, it is available in the market with many names. Suhagra tablet is one of them. It works exactly the same as a Viagra tablet does. If you have to take any such composition for removing your impotency, then you may take the medicine. Don’t opt for any cheap medicine or alternative that is sold under the name of Viagra. Many tablets claim that having sildenafil can harm a lot. 

    Generic Name [Composition]

    Suhagra tablets include sildenafil citrate. Depending on doses, the amount of sildenafil salt is filled in one unit of a tablet.

    Manufacture Company

    Suhagra Tablet is made by Cipla Limited. The company is one of the prominent medicine manufacturing companies in India. 

    Why is it Used?

    Suhagra Tablet is used to treat erection problems. It brings vigor to satisfy your partner. As a PDE5 inhibitor, Suhagra Tablet dilates arteries and also removes blockages in veins. As a result, the user has an adequate amount of blood in the penile arteries. In addition, the medicine ensures no more blockages in penile arteries. As a result, the user can do sex like a normal person. 

    How to Consume?

    Suhagra tablets should be taken without chewing i.e. it should be taken with one glass of water. Give time to mix with your bloodstream. It blends quickly with blood. It takes about 30 minutes to bring all the needed changes in your body for erection. 

    However, the time needed for such changes depends upon body or age. So you need to allocate time accordingly. On average 30 minutes after taking a Suhagra Tablet is enough. 

    How Does it Work?

    The Suhagra Tablet is made with sildenafil citrates. The composition works by inhibiting PDE5. As a result, blood volume in the penile vein is enhanced through vasodilating. Therefore, it promotes hard erection. On the other hand, it also increases the secretion of cGMP. 

    As a result, you will not only have enough blood in your penis but also the blood volume will be retained in the penile vein. As a result, getting an erection will be easier for you, and you can get an erection after receiving simple sexual stimulation like touch or kiss.

    Side Effects

    Some of the side effects of Suhagra Tablet are:

    • Fainting or feeling of passing away in case of overdosing.
    • Dizziness
    • Feeling of heat.
    • Nauseous.
    • Indigestion may occur.
    • Chest pain or heart attack in case of overdose.
    • Migraine
    • Muscle pain
    • Joint pain for people over 50 years old. However, the symptom may not be seen.

    Often side effects of Suhagra Tablet are mild. However, some side effects like chest pain can cause serious conditions. In that case, you may need emergency care. Also, in case of prolonged and painful erection you need to call your doctor immediately. However, these side effects don’t occur in the case of the right doses. That’s why the medicine shouldn’t be sold without a prescription.


    Suhagra Tablet interacts with the following medicines:

    • Nitrates
    • Antibacterial
    • Suhagra Tablet interacts with alcohol and tobacco. It can cause senselessness. For this reason, don’t smoke or consume alcohol after or before taking a Suhagra Tablet. It is better not to smoke or consume alcohol for at least 8 hours after taking the medicine.
    • Alpha-Blockers
    • Blood Pressure Medications
    • Antivirals Drugs

    The list can be longer of interaction medicines. For this reason, you should consult your doctor if your needed medicine schedule is safe to use Suhagra tablets. 

    Precaution and Warnings

    • Do not use other medicines if you don’t have erectile dysfunction. It may be beneficial for premature ejaculation but increases the risk of excess pressure in penile tissues. The resultant pressure can harm penile tissues.
    • Severe side effects such as temporary deafness and a blurred vision of Suhagra Tablet have been reported very rarely. However, you should be aware of these side effects and don’t take the medicine without your doctor’s instructions.
    • As being a medicine containing sildenafil, it can make your migraine problem worse. Contact your doctor if you have had a migraine for a prolonged period.
    • There are some cases of a sudden heart attack after taking sildenafil compositions. However, this can be rare for a normal person [without any underlying heart disease and with correct doses.
    • When taken with antihypertensive drugs, it can result in severe tremors in the body. Also, blood pressure can be significantly reduced after taking sildenafil compositions. This is why a person with low blood pressure should avoid the medicine.
    • You should incorporate a healthy diet and exercise into your daily routine while taking the medicine. Otherwise, you need to be dependent on the medicine for a long time.
    • Wait at least 20 hours for taking another Suhagra Tablet i.e. the minimum gap between two Suhagra Tablets should be around one full day. Otherwise, serious side effects will occur.

    Buy Suhagra Tablet from Remedypills

    Suhagra Tablet should only be purchased from trusted sources. Remedypills is one of the trusted online sources for purchasing all kinds of medicines. Our online portal always ensures fast delivery. In addition, Remedypills maintains a proper quality checking system, ensuring the fastest possible shipping. 

    Our company has many years of experience as retail online medicine sellers. That’s why our system is too efficient. If you have been prescribed Suhagra Tablet, you can buy it from our online store.

    An Alternative Dosage of Suhagra Tablet

    There are many doses available of Suhagra Tablet. These doses are Suhagra 25mg, 50mg, Suhagra 100mg etc.


    Who can use it?

    An impotent person needs to take a Suhagra Tablet. If you have a partial erection or you finish too early, you need to consult with a doctor for deciding the right dosages. However, you may be prescribed different medicines for premature ejaculation.

    Is it safe to purchase Suhagra Tablet dosages online?

    Yes, it is safe to buy Suhagra Tablet online. You shouldn’t buy the medicine from a fake online seller website. Remedy Pills has very good user ratings.

    What do I do if I miss a dose?

    There is no need to make up for a missed dose. Take the dose 30 minutes before the scheduled time of sexual activity. 

    What happens if you overdose?

    You can have any of those above-mentioned side effects. Overdosing can’t bring an excess good result.

    How long-lasting does the Suhagra Tablet affect?

    Although Suhagra Tablet stays in your body for 8 hours, it starts to lose efficacy after two hours. That’s why you should start your sexual activity between 30 to one and half hours of taking Suhagra.

    How and when to store?

    Store the medicine in proper packaging in a cool and dry place. Keep the medicine away from pets and children.


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