Cenforce 100 Mg


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Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


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    Buy Cenforce 100 Mg Online

    Cenforce 100 Mg


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    Cenforce 100 Mg

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    Buy Cenforce 100mg Tablet Online

    Buy Cenforce 100 Tablet online to cure impotence-related problems easily. Most importantly you will get results in just half an hour. Buy from our online store to ensure quality and timely delivery. If you order a Cenforce Tablet from us, we will provide you with the best possible deals. With our easy shopping options, you can also enjoy the utmost privacy. 

    Known About Cenforce 100 mg

    Centurion Laboratories PVT. LTD is the manufacturer of this product. The starting dose of the Cenforce tablet is 25mg. However, Cenforce 100mg is the most suitable dosage for many people. It contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate

    How to Take it?

    You should gulp one tablet of Cenforce 100mg with a glass of water. Please don’t chew the tablet. Take the medicine 25 to 30 minutes before sexual activities. Don’t use any soft drink or alcohol while taking the tablet. It can cause severe side effects.

    How Does it Work to Treat ED?

    The tablet is a PDE5 blocker. By blocking PDE5, Cenforce 100mg tablets can bring blood flow to your penile areas.  It also works by relaxing pelvic muscles to draw more blood into your private part easily. As a result, you will get an erection as if it is normal. Moreover, it expands the walls of your vein. 

    Hence, your private parts will get more blood than usual. For this reason, with the Cenforce 100mg tablet, getting a hard penis is easier. When you take a pill, it also enhances the production of cGMP. As a result, you will not lose your erection. You can have the pride of keeping your erection for a sufficient amount of time. 

    Maintaining the GMP level can also help you to stay longer. As the tablet relaxes the wall of veins, it also removes blockage of your veins. This also leads to proper and smooth blood flow in the penis. For these reasons, the tablet has become a popular choice for ED. As it removes the blockage, it can cure you in the long run and you may not need the medicine after some use. However, you shouldn’t stop using the tablet without taking suggestions from your doctor. 

    Use and Benefits of Cenforce 100mg

    Cenforce 100mg tablets are good for most people who can’t get an erection or are unable to hold an erection for a long enough time. Living life with ED can be shameful but the problem can be cured with a tablet. You can get satisfactory results every time you take the tablet. Hence, the tablet can save your relationship. Impotency is not a rare health issue in our life. Many men are having this problem at a stage in their life. An unhealthy diet and not exercising can lead to ED. Furthermore, smoking and consuming alcohol are one of the two most causes of ED. 

    We think Cenforce is the best medicine as it can provide an almost sure-shot result. You can enjoy satisfying and long-lasting sex after taking the medicine. All you have to do is to wait for 30 minutes. If you are living a depressed life, you can have ED. Furthermore, ED can add more depression to your life. Cenforce 100mg tablet is a reliable solution for the ED problem. The pill is known for bringing back your stamina and vigor. The only thing that is needed is taking the medicine timely. Let’s bring back happiness with Cenforce 100mg tablet 

    Dosage of Cenforce 100mg

    You need to take one Cenforce 100mg tablet before 30 minutes of having sex.

    Missed Dose

    There is no need to compensate for missing dosage. You should continue with your normal dosage schedule from the next dose.


    Overdosing is prohibited. It leads to severe side effects. Moreover, some of these side effects are irreversible. Hence, please don’t take more than one tablet in a day. There is no reason to believe doubling doses can have double-positive effects. 

    Additional Information

    The tablet is also prescribed to treat BPH-related problems. The tablet works for around 4 hours. Hence, you can have sex anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours after taking the medicine. However, there are several factors upon which the duration of efficacy depends. Hence, it is better to plan sexual activities between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Side Effects

    • After taking the Cenforce 100mg tablet, you may feel a headache.
    • There are many instances of altering blood pressure in an abnormal range after taking the medicine. 
    • You may feel breathlessness from overdosing on the medicine. You should contact your doctor immediately in that case.
    • People with weak eyesight can have blurred vision after taking the Cenforce 100mg tablet.
    • People who have weak digestion can have stomach aches.
    • If you have weak heart muscle, you can have chest pain.
    • If you have allergies, please consult with doctors before taking the medicine. You can have swollen skin and itch after taking the medicine.

    Warning and Precautions

    1. Please don’t take a Cenforce 100mg tablet if you have issues like anxiety attacks. Consult with your doctor for alternative options.
    2. If you are taking tablets like nitrate or blood pressure pills, please avoid the tablet. Taking a Cenforce 100mg tablet with these tablets can put you in severe health problems.
    3. If you have severe headaches or breathlessness, you should stop sex or other activities. 
    4. As it works through dilation, it can put excess pressure on the eye. For this reason, you can have severe eye pain. In that case, you should call for emergency service.
    5. If you have heart surgery or other heart problems, please avoid the medicine. There are many cases reported of anxiety attacks and heart attacks after taking the medicine. In case you have chest pain after taking the medicine, you should contact an experienced health professional immediately.
    6. A person with severe kidney or liver problems should avoid the pill. It can make your health problems worse. Also, you can have a hard time flashing the pill from your body. 
    7. All sildenafil composition drugs work in the same ways as Cenforce 100mg tablets. However, you shouldn’t buy any sildenafil tablets, especially from not reliable sources. They can sell you unauthorized Viagra which leads to severe side effects.
    8. You can have a prolonged painful erection after taking the medicine. The condition can cause severe harm to penile tissues. 
    9. Only your doctor should decide whether you need a lower or higher dose. For some people, 25mg is enough while some may need more than 100mg. The recommended dose is also dependent on your health conditions, especially underlying diseases.

    How You Can Buy Cenforce 100 Online From Remedypills?

    You just need to press the “buy now” options and we will ship your order successfully. Also, you can get a tracking ID and call a delivery boy for the convenience of collecting the medicine. If you face any problem, you can chat with our customer care. 

    Remedypills always maintain stocks of Cenforce 100mg Tablet as it is one of the most demanded medicines. Many sellers sell illegal drugs in the name of Viagra. Don’t fall into their trap. 

    We always sell medicines from standard companies. We ensure that from the packaging no one will know what’s inside. Hence, with us, you don’t have to worry about privacy and shaming while ordering an ED pill.

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